Progress report! Wikis…Content more important than tool….What do I want to teach?

By: eslclaudie

Apr 18 2015

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Wikis –  I did not know about Ward Chambelin and wikiwiki. Score another one for #ds4oer.

I did a life changing online course at Mount Royal University through – Language Learning and Technology Parts 1 and 2. The steady and unflappable Sheri Rhodes was the course coordinator. Forever grateful to her. (Aw shucks Claudie!)

A task in Part One was to create a wiki – here’s mine:

(I had asked the students if I could post photo – verbal yes, but do you think there are issues if I don’t have signed releases?) I would need to find a substitute pic…complicated…put it down to inexperience.

I WILL get round to creating a Wiki wiki – but right now am thinking more about content (focus on the content, not the tool. I know I can work out the tool – it may not be pretty, but it will serve)

My first thought was to a course on teaching people How to Thrift Shop – one thing I am really good at. The Theory and Psychology of Thrift Shopping; How to Overcome Thrift Shopping Addiction; A list of good Thrift Shops around the world (with links to googlemaps for quick access – don’t want to waste time, bargains waiting.)  But there are probably a dozen courses like that so..

My thoughts turned to those of my Adult ESL Instructor colleagues who are not as computer literate as I am(the majority – However there are some luminaries/early adapaters and I follow the avidly) (I am a neophyte – am terrified of taking students to the computer room…)

The curricula are all designed with the (erroneous) belief that all instructors are computer literate and know how to teach (a) computer skills and (b) create and deliver content….(sigh, wasted money..) and could teach online…we’re NOT.

Cannot be angry at instructors, or impatient, or critical – just need to find something that might make it easy for them/us to acquire the skills they are presumed to have (Managers usually don’t have the skills either – they parrot the funders “Cpme the revolution you will teach on computers.” “But I don’t like computers!” “Come the revolution you WILL like computers.” (OK – old joke, substitute “eat strawberries”and like strawberries”)

So suggesting maybe a basic 101 course on computer stuff – deliberately unacademic choice of word????Thoughts?


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