Blueprint of course – am I on the right track?

1.  Quick reflection – I have reactivated knowledge about registering accounts – and added new skills (WordPress). Slow and out of practice and there are new elements (But it is easier to link now – my course was two years ago!) Learning from my betters!

2. Thought of topic for course pretty much off top of head – Course for ESL instructors who are not computer literate, don’t know standard office applications, can’t navigate web, don’t know how to register accounts for open web services (hehehe – all prerequisites for taking ds4oer…) and are wary and leery of socmedia. (This last is because x years ago I registered for a Twitter account and immediately deleted my 17 (default) followers because I thought being followed was creepy!)

I am  motivated though because our course curriculum quidelines and brenchmarks presume that instructors have digital skills and are computer literate and can competently teach computer skills (whilst we were hired back when as language teachers with slates…) The type of PD that I see being provided to my colleagues is aimed at creating courses on Moodle….meanwhile they are having issues with typing, logging on to the course, searching, navigating, reading, remembering sequences, understanding the lingo. Sadly they are frustrated and not turned on to edtech 😦 (Moodle no fun for beginners – how about, creating a blog in Blogger (easy) , creating a wiki, following webinars (yes, Briar), using Survey Monkey, Screenr  – tons more fun (and useful) stuff. Well, this is where brainstorming with others would inform me – what do you think would be fun and would help…?

For the time being I am calling the  course “DigitalDoggyPaddle101” DDP101 (Open to suggestions that sound more academic, of course)


3. Starting to think about blueprint of course (well, actually starting to think how can I prove there is a need for this course apart from my own observation..and along with this – how do we establish what ESL instructors want/need.) (Survey Monkey – invite colleagues?)

4. Blueprint? Looked at the design of ds4oer.  aha.  Title. Contents box. Metadata (what’s that?) Intended target audience, Prerequisite knowledge, Course aims, Outcomes, Development and Delivery approach,Assessment strategy, Interaction strategies  (hmmm). OK – maybe good to follow this model – but is sit plagiarising if I copy model?

Am I on the right track? (remember something about ADDIE – better go back and check..)

5. Going to think about each area with regard to ambitious DDP101

Need some feedback and where/how can get collaboration? A wiki (of course…)

(btw – I see this as being useful not just to ESL instructors – but to anyone wanting to learn to swim in the digital ocean.)



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